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Sticks News Feed and Blog — Sincerely Sticks


🍻Brand NEW - Clearly Sincerely, Sticks Glassware is Now Available!!🍻 0

Getting our Sincerely, Sticks line onto glass has been a goal of ours since day one!



And here we finally are!  Welcome glassware to our ever-evolving catalog of offerings from Sticks!  Made in Des Moines, Iowa, just like the rest of Sticks Handmade and Sincerely, Sticks, we're proud to now offer drinking glasses!!


Give Love Sincerely, Sticks printed glassFlora & Fauna Sincerely, Sticks printed glass


Research and development was a fun task, figuring out what designs would let through the right amount of light on a shelf and would look great against your favorite beverages.  We've picked a couple that you already know and love (Sincerely, Sticks pillows anyone?) and came up with one new one!


We've already begun thinking on future designs, but we'd LOVE to hear what our friends have to say - what kind of imagery or theme should we put on future glasses??!  Sound off in the comments or shoot us an email at onlinesales@sticks.com, we'd love to hear from you!


The low down:

  • Each holds 15 oz.
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Four designs, available as a set of one design or mixed set with one of each
  • Some retailers are going to carry them!!  Give your favorite retailer a call to see if they are carrying them or convince them to if they aren't!


 Full collection of Clearly Sincerely, Sticks printed glassware


Stay tuned, we're hoping to do even MORE work on glass in 2019!  Cheers to 26 years of Sticks!🍻

    Sweet NEW Sincerely, Sticks Holiday Ornaments Are Here 0

    All new Sincerely, Sticks Holiday ornaments are hot off the press!




    How cute are our new Sincerely, Sticks Christmas ornaments??!  These are exclusive to Sticks Gallery and sticks.com, and are available individually OR if you purchase them as a set you can save a little!  These ornaments differ from the tree ornaments last year not only in shape but also in that they're on wood this go around instead of PVC.  So they're truer to our roots and just cuter overall!





    Sprinkle them on your Christmas tree - the graphic art will be a nice compliment to your traditional solid colored ornaments - or even just about your home on handles, above windows, or almost anywhere!

    Shop these little cuties here today!

    Celebrate Fall with Sincerely, Sticks Prints 0


    We've got a lot of great new products rolling out right now, with even MORE to come!!


    Our newest addition to our line up of Sincerely, Sticks products, is this scary cute printed pumpkin ornament!  We here at Sticks, and know you as our followers too, are big fans of autumn and all things Halloween so we added this little jewel to our offerings.


    Don't forget we have super cute fall plaques as well!



    Happy haunted shopping!

    NEW Sincerely, Sticks Growth Charts and Trays! 0

    Have you checked out our new Sincerely, Sticks printed trays and growth charts yet?  There's so much value!!





    First up on the docket, our new printed Sincerely, Sticks growth charts!  They'll make the cutest addition to your kiddos' rooms or even a family space like Rebecca's hallway shown in the photos above and to the right.  In a more public area it can be a great conversation piece and as with most Sticks, a great functional piece of art!  We came up with three great new designs to choose from ranging from fun and funky animals to inspirational phrases and icons encouraging your little one to grow and do their best. 


    There's a keyhole on the back for easy hanging on a nail or screw - just make sure to line up the one foot mark one foot off the ground, not level with the floor!!  When writing your kiddos' heights, we recommend writing in permanent marker.  You can even have the kids write their own names so you can watch their handwriting progress as they grow!  We can't wait for you to make memories with Sticks growth charts in your home.❤️


    You can find our new collection of Sincerely, Sticks growth charts to shop from on our website here!






    Our other newly introduced Sincerely, Sticks product is a sweet new style of tray that is a change up from our handmade versions.  These new styles of printed trays have cute little wood feet to raise them up off of the surface you choose to set them on.  They're also embellished with beautiful iron handles on each side! 


    These new trays are perfect as we're nearing the busy holiday season for two great reasons - first because you may already be strapped for cash entertaining and gifting so this lower price point (compared to our Sticks handmade trays) is budget friendly, and second because it'll be a stylish helping hand as you entertain!  We envision this being in your guest bedroom as you serve your loved ones weary from travel some water, tea, and treats as they retire for the night in your cozy home.  Or for serving part of your Thanksgiving meal on, an old family cookie recipe perhaps?  Even if it's not time for entertaining it makes a great centerpiece or accent on any surface in your kitchen or anywhere in your home really!  Put it in the center of your kitchen table to set your napkins and salt and pepper shakers on, put it on a coffee table or ottoman to set some magazines and remotes on, or set it up on its side for a stylish piece of art on an accent table or buffet - the possibilities are endless!!


    You can find our new collection of Sincerely, Sticks trays to shop from on our website here!


    How do you plan on using our stylish new Sincerely, Sticks products we just introduced?  Or have you already begun using them??  Send us photos to onlinesales@sticks.com, we'd love to see how you cherish Sticks in your lovely homes!!

    Sincerely, Sticks at TallulahBelle's 0

    Calling all Kansas City Sticks Fans!❤️


    Our sweet friends at TallulahBelle's commissioned a brand new, exclusive Kansas City-themed Sincerely, Sticks plaque from us!  And to celebrate its debut in the store and our love for all things KC, they're hosting us for a trunk show!

    Love Kansas City yourself? Love the Royals, Chiefs, the BBQ, the Nelson, the Jazz, Union Station, and on and on??  If you said yes to any or all of the above, then you're going to love TallulahBelle's custom made "Celebrate KC" plaque! 

    So Save The Date!!

    We're going to join in on the fun, we'll be there to discuss the design, the process, all things Sticks, and even sign the art in person!

    The event runs Friday, July 20th 4pm-8pm and again on Saturday, July 21st from 10am-3pm at TallulahBelle's at 8004 Foster in downtown Overland Park, KS.  We'll see you there!❤️

    RSVP to their Facebook event here!

    10 Reasons why Sticks Pieces are the Perfect Gift for your Holiday Shopping Needs 0

    It is coming up on the holiday season yet again. I absolutely love the holidays and the happy memories associated with this time of year. However, there can be some stress that comes along with all of the holiday cheer. 

    Every year I find myself making list after list trying to think of the perfect gifts for all of my loved ones. Then I started thinking about how incredibly helpful it would be to have a list that told me exactly what to get for all of my family and friends. So I thought, what the heck why not just make one?!

    Here is a handy list to help you get through the stress of finding the perfect gift for your loved ones this holiday season. Ask yourself 'does my loved one match this description?' and go from there :) 

    1. Do they love their animals more than they love themselves? Check out this adorable 'Love Animals' plaque from our Sincerely, Sticks line.
    2. Do they like to keep a reminder of Christmas around the house all year long? Check out this 'Home for the Holidays' plaque from our Sincerely, Sticks holiday collection. 
    3. Do they celebrate Hanukkah? No problem! We have an entire Judaica collection including this beautiful menorah.
    4. Do they run a busy life and need help keeping track of their hectic schedules? Check out our perpetual calendars! There is one to fit everyone's unique style. 
    5. Do they need to decorate a nursery? Check out the fun designs of our Love Letters collection from our new Sincerely, Sticks line.
    6. ... Or maybe they want to add a little personality to their home by using Love Letters to display their street address.                
    7. Do they live in a different state and miss home? Check out our regional collection and give them the gift of home. <3                                                                 
    8. Do they love their school? Our collegiate collection has you covered! Choose from your favorite Iowa or Iowa State pieces under the Sincerely, Sticks line.              
    9. Do they like to keep their walls decorated? Our stretched canvases are the perfect way to add some personality to any wall.
    10. Do they want something that is as comfy as it is cute? Our Sincerely, Sticks throw pillows are the perfect gift!

    Didn't find quite the right piece? Head on over to the 'Catalog' tab and check out the rest of our product offerings. Also feel free to comment below or call us and we can be your shopping buddy for that difficult person to buy for!

    Happy shopping and happy holidays! :)