Decorative Coat Racks & Dog Leash Racks

Spruce up your entry way or mudroom storage needs with Sincerely, Sticks decorative coat racks! A wall mounted coat racks can be the perfect landing spot not only for coats, but also purses, gym bags, hats, key lanyards, 5k medals - you name it! And with Sticks artwork adorning your new colorful coat rack, it'll bring a fun punch to an otherwise usually drab area of your home.

Do you love your pup enough to get them their own wall mounted storage solution? We also make dog leash holders! If you're like us, your dog (or probably dogs!) probably has a their own collection of belongings that need sorted. Hang your leashes, spare collars, poop bag holder, and maybe even some clothing on our wall mounted dog leash hooks.

Regardless of who in your family needs the organization and how many furry feet they have, take advantage of vertical space with a Sincerely, Sticks wall mounted coat rack with hooks to both declutter and make a great first (or last) impression coming or going from your home each day –
All printed and made with love in Des Moines, Iowa

Sincerely, Sticks Coat Racks & Dog Leash Racks

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