Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles, Coasters, & Magnets

Sincerely, Sticks x Starz Puzzles

This collection of unique jigsaw puzzles, drink coasters, and magnets is crafted by Starz Puzzles in Illinois and now a part of our Sincerely, Sticks lines! Starz Puzzles introduced a level of creativity and quality that amazed the Sticks team. We were captivated by Starz because they are a Midwest company that upholds the same high-quality printing standards as our entire Sincerely, Sticks line. Whether you're piecing together a wooden puzzle on a rainy day, enjoying iced tea using the wooden coasters, or displaying a cherished photo with a refrigerator magnet you'll discover heirloom items that will hold a special place in your home for years to come. These new additions will make a great display on a coffee table or a special gift to the puzzle-lover in your life! 

Designed by Sincerely, Sticks in Des Moines, Iowa and handmade by Starz Puzzles in Elmhurst, Illinois

Wood Jigsaw Puzzles, Coasters, & Magnets | Starz Puzzles

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