10 Reasons why Sticks Pieces are the Perfect Gift for your Holiday Shopping Needs


It is coming up on the holiday season yet again. I absolutely love the holidays and the happy memories associated with this time of year. However, there can be some stress that comes along with all of the holiday cheer. 

Every year I find myself making list after list trying to think of the perfect gifts for all of my loved ones. Then I started thinking about how incredibly helpful it would be to have a list that told me exactly what to get for all of my family and friends. So I thought, what the heck why not just make one?!

Here is a handy list to help you get through the stress of finding the perfect gift for your loved ones this holiday season. Ask yourself 'does my loved one match this description?' and go from there :) 

  1. Do they love their animals more than they love themselves? Check out this adorable 'Love Animals' plaque from our Sincerely, Sticks line.
  2. Do they like to keep a reminder of Christmas around the house all year long? Check out this 'Home for the Holidays' plaque from our Sincerely, Sticks holiday collection. 
  3. Do they celebrate Hanukkah? No problem! We have an entire Judaica collection including this beautiful menorah.
  4. Do they run a busy life and need help keeping track of their hectic schedules? Check out our perpetual calendars! There is one to fit everyone's unique style. 
  5. Do they need to decorate a nursery? Check out the fun designs of our Love Letters collection from our new Sincerely, Sticks line.
  6. ... Or maybe they want to add a little personality to their home by using Love Letters to display their street address.                
  7. Do they live in a different state and miss home? Check out our regional collection and give them the gift of home. <3                                                                 
  8. Do they love their school? Our collegiate collection has you covered! Choose from your favorite Iowa or Iowa State pieces under the Sincerely, Sticks line.              
  9. Do they like to keep their walls decorated? Our stretched canvases are the perfect way to add some personality to any wall.
  10. Do they want something that is as comfy as it is cute? Our Sincerely, Sticks throw pillows are the perfect gift!

Didn't find quite the right piece? Head on over to the 'Catalog' tab and check out the rest of our product offerings. Also feel free to comment below or call us and we can be your shopping buddy for that difficult person to buy for!

Happy shopping and happy holidays! :)


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