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Sticks and Character Counts Team Up for New Posters! 0

Sticks Character Counts posters are comin' back baby!!

Remember our older set??

Not only did we sell out but they just really needed a makeover.  So we paired up with Character Counts again to revamp the designs!  These are perfect for schools, civic organizations, businesses, and leadership groups to use when implementing the Character Counts program in curriculum, training, and education.

Sharing the message of Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, and Citizenship is enhanced with colorful and inspirational icons and images.  By teaching the Six Pillars of Character, we hope to enrich and inspire the lives and minds of our youth!

You can get your very own set of posters through The Robert D and Billie Ray Center!  They're accepting pre-orders now with delivery in August.  Order yours today to make sure you get them hot off the press in a couple months!

Lo and behold, the new artwork!


Sticks Installation at Greenwood Elementary School 2

Sticks is honored to have recently been commissioned by local elementary school Greenwood Elementary here in Des Moines, Iowa.

Read on to learn more about this fun custom project!

The mural is located in a new entry atrium that was added to the school just last year.  The school itself however was built back in 1901!  It was a big, open space that was calling for some public art to fill it up and greet the students and staff as they enter each day.

The concept and title for the piece is "What We Love About Greenwood Elementary" and all of the students, over 300 of them, were involved from start to finish.  Before any art began every student told Sticks what they personally love about their school.  Some kids drew us what they love, some told us stories, and some made lists.  This became our inspiration and a condensed list of the students' thoughts are what make up the poem at the base of the mural!
Once all the artwork was completed in our own Des Moines, Iowa art studio, it was finally time for installation in the school!  This is where we brought the students back into the process.  As we were hanging and installing the panels, we brought in each class and gave them a bit of a presentation.  We told them about our artistic process and talked about the importance of public art.  They had a lot of fun finding and chatting with us about some of their favorite things that made it into the poem.  Unveiling it to everyone was so exciting!

The public art aspect also ties into another fun part of the project - this board that highlights artists of the week!  We adore how it focuses on the students' creativity and free thinking, and each grade level gets some love.
We had such a blast creating this project with the students and staff, making bright and inspirational art is a true joy for us.  We hope they love it as much as we loved creating it.❤️

Do you have interest in a Sticks installation or a unique project we can help with?

Our Special Projects Representative Fran would be happy to chat with you more!  

(515)246-8361 ext. 201

Caring for Our Veterans Through Art 0

Busy... that's the one word that comes to mind when I think about the holiday season. Busy shopping. Busy cleaning. Busy baking. Busy planning. And here at Sticks, busy creating!

Take a walk through the studio on any given day and you will see all of our talented artisans busy working on anything from lazy susans to dining room tables. Sometimes we get the change to work on custom installation pieces. In fact, we are in the process of working with the VA Hospital on a special project right now! We teamed up with the VA Hospital to create pieces to be installed in their dementia area. I personally did not know much about dementia so our contact from the VA Hospital was kind enough to tell us a little bit more about it...

Many individuals with dementia often live in under-stimulating environments, with lack of exposure to social interaction and meaningful activity. This context sets the stage for mood and behavioral issues, as well as the overall low quality of life. On the other hand, positive interactions between these individuals and their environment can foster emotional and behavioral stability, a sense of control and mastery, and improved life satisfaction. At the VA Central Iowa Community Living Center (CLC), we are dedicated to enhancing the environment on our memory care neighborhood in a manner that promotes this positive person-environment fit. One avenue we have taken in our efforts to create such an environment is to introduce visually beautiful and tactilely interesting artwork and furniture in the neighborhood. In collaboration with Sticks, Inc., we have already designed and purchased a beautiful, interactive table with the help of community donors. This table not only serves the purpose of multi-sensory stimulation for our residents, but it has also served to create a central focus and space for residents to gather and socialize with one another, their families, and staff. Visually, this table serves as a warm, colorful, and homelike decorative piece that has helped reduce environmental under-stimulation int he area. We see the potential to further improve the emotional, social, and physical experiences of Veterans on the CLC memory care neighborhood by adding more beautiful, interactive, and interesting art and furniture pieces created by Sticks, Inc. For some Veterans in the CLC, this is the last environment they experience in their lives. By increasing environmental stimulation, multi-sensory engagement, and social interaction, we will improve the quality of life for these individuals. It is our hope that we can continue this project in the future.

If you are interested in donating to the CLC installation project, please contact Rachel Eubank at 515-246-8361 or by email at

Check out some images of the tables that will go along with this custom installation below :)