Sticks Installation at Greenwood Elementary School


Sticks is honored to have recently been commissioned by local elementary school Greenwood Elementary here in Des Moines, Iowa.

Read on to learn more about this fun custom project!

The mural is located in a new entry atrium that was added to the school just last year.  The school itself however was built back in 1901!  It was a big, open space that was calling for some public art to fill it up and greet the students and staff as they enter each day.

The concept and title for the piece is "What We Love About Greenwood Elementary" and all of the students, over 300 of them, were involved from start to finish.  Before any art began every student told Sticks what they personally love about their school.  Some kids drew us what they love, some told us stories, and some made lists.  This became our inspiration and a condensed list of the students' thoughts are what make up the poem at the base of the mural!
Once all the artwork was completed in our own Des Moines, Iowa art studio, it was finally time for installation in the school!  This is where we brought the students back into the process.  As we were hanging and installing the panels, we brought in each class and gave them a bit of a presentation.  We told them about our artistic process and talked about the importance of public art.  They had a lot of fun finding and chatting with us about some of their favorite things that made it into the poem.  Unveiling it to everyone was so exciting!

The public art aspect also ties into another fun part of the project - this board that highlights artists of the week!  We adore how it focuses on the students' creativity and free thinking, and each grade level gets some love.
We had such a blast creating this project with the students and staff, making bright and inspirational art is a true joy for us.  We hope they love it as much as we loved creating it.❤️

Do you have interest in a Sticks installation or a unique project we can help with?

Our Special Projects Representative Fran would be happy to chat with you more!  

(515)246-8361 ext. 201

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  • Lisa Stark
Comments 2
  • Susan Eubank
    Susan Eubank

    Your art makes me so happy! What a great idea to give students and their parents a positive, beautiful image that captures their feelings about the school! Great job!

  • Andrea Solek
    Andrea Solek

    The mural, the concept behind it and the involvement of the kids throughout the process is wonderful! If I were a child seeing that mural for the first time, I’d be so excited to attend class there, at Greenwood Elementary School.

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