About catstudio


About catstudio

We're so excited to be carrying catstudio embroidered pillows on sticks.com! We know you Sticks fans are conscious about what you buy and where you purchase your treasures from, so we're here to share a little bit more about their history and process with all of you. Enjoy reading on and learning more!



At the heart of catstudio are its founders: Carmel and Terrell Swan, creators of Swan Magic embroidered t-shirts. The first letters of their names - C and T - form the “CAT” of catstudio (get it?!) and their love for hand-craftsmanship, their passion for geography, and their sense of adventure and fun ring true in everything they create.


They started with just two designs - Atlanta and Georgia, to celebrate the 1996 Olympics - and now there's over 300 geographical locales and universities in their ever-growing line of geography products! They pride themselves on developing unique, innovative new products that make the everyday special and elevate the rich traditions of artisanship around the world. 



All of the pillows that we carry by catstudio are EMBROIDERED by HAND on 100% organic cotton. Amazingly, it can take up to one week to embroider one pillow! It is also unique in nature since each artisan incorporates a certain flair to their work so no two will ever be the same. They're created on tea-colored background, accented with coordinating piping, and finished with a 3-button closure. The signature of each artist is even included on the tag. Purchase one and you'll be the proud owner of a one-of-a-kind piece of art that'll be an heirloom to be enjoyed for generations to come.. just like Sticks!❤️


The artwork is heartfelt and original every time! When adding a new pillow to the line, each design is first hand-drawn and created with this insider's perspective, taking even the smallest details to heart. Catstudio works with residents, mayors, friends, business owners, customers, and family - people just like you - to create a design that locals can proudly display in their home or office, and visitors will take with them as a tangible keepsake. We hope you find one you love to celebrate your favorite vacation spot, memorable trip, where you were married, where your loved ones live, where you dream of going, or simply the most precious place - home. 


Want to go a step above when considering this as a gift?! Personalize it! Source out a local monogram shop and easily add a special touch to the back of the pillow - initials, wedding date, retirement date, graduation class year, personal note, your business or non-profit name or logo.. the possibilities are endless!

We hope you love browsing through their collection of amazing pillows on our website! Each one tells a special story about its location and if you have a tie to it, we're sure it'll resonate in your heart. Shop the pillows here!

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