9 Things You Should Know About Sticks

9 Things You Should Know About Sticks

Hello! We wanted to introduce ourselves at Sticks to those who may be unfamiliar with our company and story. Rather than have you read another wordy write-up we decided to sum up the most important points so you could get to know us better! [We have Story of Sticks blog you can read here!]

9 Things You Should Know About Sticks

  1. Sticks started in 1992. We celebrated our 32nd anniversary in January 2024!

  2. The first product was a nativity set, made by Sticks founder, Sarah Grant. It was featured in Better Homes and Gardens magazine!

  3. Sarah Grant’s daughter, Rachel Eubank is the current owner and president.

  4. All of our art and furniture is made at our studio in Des Moines, Iowa!

  5. We offer two main product lines –
    Sticks Handmade line is hand drawn, wood-burned, and painted - the original look from 1992!
    Sincerely, Sticks line is printed at our studio from Sticks Handmade original designs. We launched this line in 2015 to expand our offering!
    [Read about the difference here!]

  6. Our pieces are made by hand, by a team of talented artists.

  7. The sculptures and accents pieces made with driftwood are sourced locally in Iowa.

  8. Many of our customers have heirloom pieces of art and furniture that have been in their family for 20+ years!

  9. You can find our pieces at retail stores across the US. We have several art installations, too!

If you ever have any questions, please reach out to us at 877-678-4257 or email us at onlinesales@sticks.com. (And a real person from our office will answer you!)

We look forward to creating beautiful, unique art and furniture for your home in the future!

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  • Maggie Steinberg
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