What's the Difference: Sticks Handmade vs Sincerely, Sticks

What's the Difference: Sticks Handmade vs Sincerely, Sticks

Sticks Handmade vs Sincerely, Sticks

Here's a rundown of our process when we create Sincerely, Sticks products:

The process starts by creating an original, handmade piece - like a plaque, picture frame or lazy susan. It's drawn, wood-burned and painted by hand, so you can feel the texture of the lines and see every brush stroke. The handmade piece gets digitally scanned and the design is now able to be printed. This entire line is printed in-house, at our studio in Des Moines, Iowa. Each piece is sprayed with several coats of the same protective polyurethane that's used on our Sticks Handmade products to assure it's just as durable.

Our Sincerely, Sticks pieces are handcrafted with the same attention to detail, using high-quality techniques. We can create gorgeous, printed designs of your favorite styles of products at an affordable price point! This line is great for adding bright, unique décor to your home or gifting to anyone you’d love to share inspiring designs with!


How to find the difference on the product listing:

For Sticks Handmade products:

  • We state it's created by hand - true handmade art!
  • The majority of our handmade offerings note "made-to-order" -  it's made JUST for you!❤️ If the handmade piece is in-stock, the listing will note the availability - found in Available Now collection
  • Find an "image name" starting with D7 or S3.

For printed Sincerely, Sticks products:

  • Most importantly, we state that it is printed in the product description!
  • And following that we call out that there's a difference to take note of, leading you to this very blog post if you'd like to learn more!
  • Sincerely, Sticks products are typically in-stock and ready to ship in 1 to 2 weeks.
  • Every Sincerely, Sticks piece has a unique name, like "Dancing Birds" Lazy Susan. Sticks Handmade products are identified by the kind of product (ex. 20" Lazy Susan).

Frequently asked questions about how Sincerely, Sticks differs from Sticks Handmade:

  • Is it a decal stuck on the wood?  
    No! The ink is printed directly onto the wood for a phenomenally realistic look.
  • What material are you printing on?
    Wood! (Love Letters are printed on PVC.)
  • Is it imported from overseas?
    Definitely not! Sincerely, Sticks is made 100% in our same Des Moines, Iowa studio alongside our handmade art. We purchased our own printer (that's larger than a car!) and it's all done by our same talented artists. So everything is still "handcrafted," just in another manner.
  • Why are some of the sizes different from your handmade offerings?
    Our wood-burned lines can only be made so small without losing detail, but this printer can condense design down and get you a high level of detail that we can't offer in the handmade line. Sincerely, Sticks products are a phenomenal value! Our Regional collection lazy susans are the best example of this - the design is originally handmade as a 28"D lazy susan and is printed on a 18"D lazy susan. It would be impossible for us to fit that much detail even on a 20"D handmade lazy susan, but you're getting it on 18"!
  • Do you offer any other sizes other than what's listed (e.g. I'd like a 20"D printed lazy susan instead of 18"D)?
    No, we do not currently offer sizes that are not listed.
  • Can I customize a Sincerely, Sticks piece?
    No, customizations are only offered on Sticks Handmade products.
  • How do I care for a Sincerely, Sticks piece?
    Because they're finished with the same durable polyurethane that our handmade Sticks pieces are, the care is the exact same! It should stand up great to everyday use for a long time to come. When necessary, we recommend using mild soap and water to clean your piece. Non-abrasive household cleaning products can also be used; however, avoid letting cleaning solutions and/or moisture sit on your piece for extended periods of time. Avoid direct contact with extreme heat, use hot pads/trivet for warm & hot plates and use coasters for drinking glasses. We also recommend against high amounts of sun to prevent fading as the polyurethane finish in not UV protectant. 

Still have questions? Feel free to drop us a comment below and we'd be happy to answer them! Or give us a call at (877) 678-4257 or shoot us an email at onlinesales@sticks.com! We're happy to help however it's most convenient for you.

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  • Maggie Steinberg
Comments 5
  • Peggy Beck
    Peggy Beck

    I have a box(recipe) with 9983C on bottom.
    Handcrafted original or printed? Thank you

  • Roxann Brown
    Roxann Brown

    How do we get the free shipping code to attach

  • Judy Sternad
    Judy Sternad

    I am looking for a fun side table – small enough to put 2 drinks on (with coasters!) – to put between 2 chairs. The Sea La Vie fish is awesome since we have a beach house. My question…do you think we could add a piece on the bottom of the fish and then attach a pole/base to make it into a table? We have several other Sticks pieces we’ve collected over the years and love them. This would be a fun addition.
    Thanks in advance for your reply-

  • Suzanne Adams
    Suzanne Adams


    (Have you ever thought of making Kleenex Box covers to match. Sure would like some to choose from).

    Thank you for creating these beautiful pieces that grace my little lakeside cottage where I live. They bring me such joy! ❤️

  • Mark Brady
    Mark Brady

    I have some of your products, beautiful mirrors, and a hutch could not be any happier

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