30 Years: And The Future Is Bright

30 Years: And The Future Is Bright

Developing our vision for decades to come

Sticks is celebrating our 30-year anniversary next month! As we near this exciting milestone, we’re reflecting on our remarkable journey with a monthly video series that showcases our origin story and spotlights the people who have made it possible.



A spark that continues to grow

At Sticks, we believe in seeing a spark, letting it grow, and being open to the idea that it can take on many phases and forms.

What began from our founder Sarah Grant loading artwork into the back of her car to sell at art shows has grown into a wildly popular, reputable, and long-standing brand. The timeless fervor for Sticks products is a testimony to the human connection our artwork creates. That connection is a spark that has guided Sticks over the past three decades.

While we’ve seen many highs, there have been lows that prove there is nothing easy about making art. And even more difficult is creating and selling art at a large scale.

For many years, we were making the same things every day. While each piece was all new and one-of-a-kind, the products followed the same equation, reached the same customer base, and hit the same price point. In envisioning where we wanted to take Sticks in the future, we knew we needed to find an innovative way to reach a new segment of customers while also complementing our traditional handmade product lines.   

We developed our Sincerely, Sticks printed line – which includes plaques, Lazy Susans, picture frames, ornaments, and more – to explore creative avenues that simply weren’t possible with our handmade products. Jumping into the printed marketplace has moved our business forward by growing our product lines and making our heartfelt artwork accessible to more people.

Through this new stage in our history, we’ve been able to hone in on our most beloved designs and invest in creating remarkable original artwork that can be reproduced through print production. Our retailers and galleries across the nation have welcomed the opportunity to offer their customers our iconic designs.

Each piece we create – whether handmade or printed – is authentic to our brand and our creative process. We firmly believe Sticks should and could never be a mass-made brand. Our core heritage, dedication to artistry, and heartfelt values remain steady throughout our portfolio.

Under the leadership and vision of our president Rachel Eubank along with new and long-tenured team members, we’ve created a culture that blends fresh ideas and historic roots. Through our company-wide commitment to growing and changing, we are certain that Sticks will remain relevant and meaningful for years to come.

Our journey would not be possible without the customers, retailers, artists, and team members who have shared their passion, appreciation, and creative vision with us. We have grown together and built something remarkable that can be cherished for the rest of our lives. And for that, we are eternally grateful. No matter how our journey continues to unfold, we know that Sticks will always be something special bottled up because it’s special people who love it and special people who make it.

Join us in reflecting on 30 years of Sticks.

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  • Alesha Burgraff
Comments 3
  • Alexandra Koch
    Alexandra Koch

    I am a strong follower of all Sticks art. Lost all mine in a raging Tubs fire in 2017. Then began rebuilding a collection in a small home and providing friends whenever I was able!

  • Doris fairfield
    Doris fairfield

    I was fascinated with Sticks seeing it in different galleries. Next I had the good fortune to meet & get to know Sarah through Ruth Conklin’s gallery in Glen Arbor, MI. We had a cottage at Glen Lake which was perfect for Sticks furniture and accessories. They fit well in AZ also. Our latest move to Pinehurst, NC was an opportunity for us to share our pieces with our 3 children and their families. We still treasure the pieces we kept but our children have “dibs” on the remaining when we no longer can use them. Congrats to all for 30 yrs of beautiful Sticks art. Doris Fairfield

  • Donna Warlick
    Donna Warlick

    Thank you for this fun video. I fell in love with Sticks the first time I saw one of your pieces. It is so calming, real, kind and lovely. I now have 4 pieces (2 handmade and 2 Sincerely’s) and have given two more to friends. I wish my whole house could be Sticks, but that would be a little busy, wouldn’t it! Keep on making your dreams and mine!

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