Countdown to 30 Years

It’s hard to believe, but January 1, 2022, marks our 30-year anniversary! As we look ahead to this big milestone, we are taking time to reflect and embrace our evolution.

Over the next six months we will be sharing a video series on our website and social media pages that tells our story and honors the people who have shaped our journey over the decades. We hope you will follow along with this special countdown to 30 years!

With love and gratitude,
Rachel & Sarah

Our Stories


Looking Back:
The Origins of Sticks

Sticks started out of the blue in 1992. The ride has had many ups and downs, but our commitment to telling stories, creating memories for our customers and ourselves continues to be at the forefront of our mission and purpose.

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30 Years:
The People of Sticks

Our people are the fabric of Sticks. The amount of talent inside our walls is incredible. Sticks is made possible by passionate, dedicated, and visionary people who love what they do. Learn more about who make Sticks shine.

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30 Years: Artistry & Craftsmanship

Over the decades, we have been home to incredibly talented artists who are passionate about craftsmanship and have an unwavering commitment to “getting it right.” Each has left their mark and helped move our story forward. 

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30 Years: Commemorative Whiskey Barrel

Our story is much like that of an American whiskey – from-the-earth American materials, handcrafted attention, creators with a passion, and an end-product that is rich and unique. 

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30 Years: History & Patriotism

Our distinct style is centered on a love for American folk art and patriotism. From sea to shining sea, our artwork exudes all-things Americana and honors the histories of the places and faces across this beautiful nation.

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30 Years: And The Future Is Bright

We believe in seeing a spark, letting it grow, and being open to the idea that it can take on many phases and forms. No matter how our journey continues to unfold, we know that Sticks will always be something special bottled up.

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Cheers to 30 years!

As part of our anniversary celebration, we have commissioned a private label barrel of Iowa Bourbon at The Foundry. We believe our story is much like that of an American Bourbon – from-the-earth American materials, handcrafted attention, creators with a passion, and an end-product that is rich and unique.


Look back at our favorite moments and memories from the past three decades. Watch for new photos and memories each month as we continue to count down to our 30-year anniversary.

Thank you.

To all our artists, team members, and customers – we would not have reached this milestone without you! Because of your imagination, passion, expertise and valued feedback our story has continued to grow and evolve over the years.