Handmade Bookcases with Doors

Keep your home office or living space extra tidy with Sticks bookcases with doors. They're a storage and display solution granting you the best of both worlds! The doors have panes of glass, allowing you to see what's stored inside but also give the sense it's neatly tucked away. The best perk? Little to no dusting! Bookcases with glass doors can display dinnerware in your dining room, family memorabilia in your living room, or your favorite novels in a home office; the options are endless. And with our Sticks art that can even spill onto the doors with etched glass, a bookcase with doors can make your stored keepsakes truly shine –
All handcrafted and made with love in Des Moines, Iowa

Handmade Bookcases with Doors | Sticks Handmade

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