Alphabet Letter & House Number Plaques

Spell out a name, phrase, or even a house number with our artisan printed Love Letters collection by Sincerely, Sticks! House number plaques are a charming addition to any mailbox or home to add unique curb appeal while decorative wall letters can spell out anything your heart desires! We love the idea of using our letter wall decor to spell a kiddos name in their bedroom or a short phrase like "shine" out on a patio. The possibilities are endless! Each number and letter has at least two styles options to choose from so you can create your own whimsical mix-and-match designs! We curated the perfect mixture of colors and patterns to make sure any combination you create looks amazing!
Every piece is treated for indoor/outdoor use and each letter and number has multiple designs available –
All printed and made with love in Des Moines, Iowa

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Sincerely, Sticks Love Letters

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