Telling the Story of Sticks

Telling the Story of Sticks

Sarah Grant's artistic journey has spanned a lifetime. Hailing from Ames, Iowa, she pursued her passion for art by earning a Master of Arts in intaglio printmaking and a Master of Fine Arts in painting from the esteemed University of Iowa.

In 1992, a unique opportunity knocked on Sarah's door when she was invited to craft an original wooden nativity piece for Better Homes and Gardens. Drawing inspiration from her background in engraving metal plates as an intaglio printmaker and her fascination with intricately designed wooden boxes from antique stores, Sarah eagerly embraced this chance to create a truly one-of-a-kind masterpiece that would narrate the nativity story.

The moment Sarah's friends and family laid eyes on her artwork, a fervent desire for their own pieces ignited. Word quickly spread about the captivating blend of hand-drawn artistry, wood-burning craftsmanship, and vibrant painting that characterized her work. It was an irresistible combination, and thus began the remarkable 30-year journey of Sticks.

In the early years, Sarah took on the dual role of artist and business leader, steering the company's growth with an unwavering dedication to storytelling, patriotism, and the celebration of history.

Sticks has garnered national acclaim for its distinctive range of furniture, accessories, and object art. Each of our meticulously crafted pieces is a testament to our artistry, handcrafted from locally sourced birch, poplar, and driftwood. They bear our signature hand-drawn designs, wood-burned contours, and vibrant paintwork.

What initially began as designing smaller items like nativity sets, ornaments, and candlestick holders has evolved into a diverse portfolio that includes larger pieces such as dining sets, beds, armoires, custom art installations, and murals. Our product lines have remained dynamic, thanks to the boundless creativity of our collaborative team of artists and the invaluable feedback from our cherished customers.

Our journey has been marked by numerous highs and lows, but our unwavering commitment to weaving stories, crafting memories for both our customers and ourselves, remains steadfastly at the core of our mission and purpose.

Today, Sticks stands to serve a diverse clientele nationwide and fosters a growing network of artisans who share our values of American craftsmanship and distinctive artistry. Under the leadership of Sarah's oldest daughter,, Rachel Eubank, our exceptional team remains the lifeblood of what we do, ensuring that the legacy of Sticks endures and flourishes.

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