Sticks Roots


(Re)Introducing Sticks Roots Collection!

We're thrilled to announce a brand new handmade offering called Sticks Roots! The collections showcases unique object art that pays homage to our one-of-a-kind originals dating back 25+ years.


Remember our one-of-a-kind mirrors like this bad boy?  We call this a fancy mirror.  "Fancy Mirror" simply means it strayed from our typical mirror structures you know well now, however they are anything BUT simple.  Each one is truly an original that can't be duplicated!  Even if we recreate an existing design, it's likely the embellishments like the logs and other unique additions can't be replicated.  They are created collaboratively and creatively as inspiration takes the artists on a journey while they work.  They also feature logs from our local Des Moines, Iowa area waterways and what we call "found objects" that we get from estate sales, vintage stores, etc.  It's all a fun, free flowing, and creative process!

This fancy mirror in particular was inspiration as we worked on our three new mirrors.  It's dressed to the nines - it has logs, it has doors, and even pegs and sculptural birds that are hand-carved.  Our artists looked at fabulous designs and top sellers from our early years such as this one when they worked on the new ones just released.  We then "softened" those ideas and designs just a bit and used modern and beautiful color palettes to create the collection you see today!



 Each item in the collection is truly one-of-a-kind, handmade, and sculptural.  Our artists poured special attention into each item, letting their creativity lead the way and shape how each product was formed into its final composition.  They're all unique from one and other and because they vary so widely, they're all individually priced based on the time and materials our artists used to create them. They're sold on a first come, first served basis so make sure to act fast before your favorite is gone!!

We do plan on continuing to create and add new items into the collection as this first offering sells, hopefully expanding it substantially.  In a few months time we'll be working on jaw-dropping Santas and snowmen for the holiday season!!  So make sure you keep checking in on this collection to discover more treasures being added!

Made in America -  artisan-crafted and well-designed art that lasts a lifetime!

What kind of "old school Sticks" would you like us to bring back or what other fun ideas do you have for us to grow this unique collection??!  Sound off in the comments, you ask and we deliver!


















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  • Lisa Stark
Comments 5
  • Patti Meis
    Patti Meis

    Treasure every piece of sticks I ve homed! So whimsical make me happy to see. Proud to share pictures. When my cat treat box arrived I couldn’t believe how huge! Sent pics to all my friends.
    New Roots collection will be an awesome addition!

  • Cathy McCarthy- Rae
    Cathy McCarthy- Rae

    Peace sign theme would great on one of the women.

  • Kate Seltzer
    Kate Seltzer

    I am not only a huge fan but also a collector of Sticks. One on my most treasured pieces is a Hallelujah Lady who is probably 15+ years old. I love the mini ones and know where I would put it in my home. However, I don’t want another lady. Did you ever think of a Hallelujah Man, or some other whimsical figure?

  • Nancy Noggle
    Nancy Noggle

    I have been in love with the Sticks women since I discovered your site 25 years ago. I’m still an avid fan, and love roaming through your merchandise.

  • Meg Carroll
    Meg Carroll

    Love the women!

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