Making of the State Designs | Regional Collection

Making of the State Designs | Regional Collection

The Process Behind Making Our State Home Accessories

As an American-made company, shining a light on our great states is an exciting and important part of storytelling for us. Each state's design starts as original, handmade artwork. Our artists complete thorough research, taking careful note of significant geographical maps, historical landmarks, plants & animals, Native American tribes, pop culture moments and so much more. There is so much to love about all 50 states!

With so much to love – the details are drawn, wood-burned, and painted on a 28" wood lazy susan before being digitally scanned and printed in-house in Des Moines, Iowa. Creating the handcrafted artwork on a large lazy susan allows our artists to capture as many details as possible before scaling the design down to fit on the 18" lazy susan you see in our Sincerely, Sticks line! It truly is an in-depth and thoughtful process to depict the beauty of each state for our Regional collection. (This process is the same for the 9x9" plaques in the collection, too!) In the end, we're left with one incredibly detailed, handmade lazy susan that makes for a gorgeous centerpiece on a dining table. Our printed state home accessories have become recognizable art in many Sticks lovers' homes and they've become staple gifts for weddings, birthdays, retirements, and more!

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  • Maggie Steinberg
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