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Twenty-three years ago, after the floods of 1993, a young painter walked into a building in downtown Des Moines with muddy boots, leaving a trail of footprints behind her. The young painter was Amy Putney Koenig and the building was one of the first Sticks, Inc. studios.

Amy is an art director and drawer here at the studio. She started her career with Sticks as a painter and within her first year with the company, was transitioned into drawing. Not only does Amy play a huge part in the production of our handmade pieces here at the studio, but she also does her own artwork outside of Sticks, Inc. Some of her pieces include murals that can be found on the side of the Roca building and at the Power Life studio, both located in Des Moines, IA. She also creates beautiful and moving collages. When Amy is not working on art she can be found teaching yoga at Power Life Yoga. 

Being a part of the Sticks family for over two decades means 23 years of memories. One of Amy's most memorable moments with our company was 18 years ago when she found out she was pregnant with her daughter, Helen. The founder of our company, Sarah Grant, was the first person to find out about the exciting news. Amy and Helen spent the holidays with Sarah for five years making wonderful memories.

No two days are the same here at the studio, however, on an average day during the summer, Amy arrives at work around 7:00am. Usually the first thing on the agenda is to review files from the day before. There are always projects to be working on, some of which are products with a must-have-by date that get priority depending on when they need to be completed. The duration of her day is spent drawing, designing and composing custom artwork for galleries and clients, drawing artwork on the chalkboard for weekend weddings, attending meetings and walking through the studio to answer questions if there are any. Amy's day ends around 2:30pm which allows her time to pick her kids up from school.

Interested in learning more about Amy or seeing her artwork? Check out her website at: amyputneykoenig.com :)

- Alaina Riley

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