Create Holiday Magic with Handmade Sculptures

Create Holiday Magic with Handmade Sculptures

The Story of Roots and Handmade Holiday Sculptures

You may have seen lots of holiday sculptures joining the towards the end of summer, and thought… but the leaves just started changing colors! Well, the truth is, the holiday season starts very early for us at Sticks. By the middle of summer, we started production on the first holiday sculptures and they were ready for the website and our Sticks Gallery by August!

wood Santa sculpture

Many of the holiday sculptures in our Roots collection are made from driftwood found by local rivers in Des Moines, Iowa. These hand-carved Christmas sculptures take extra time and a touch of holiday spirit to be created, so we like to start early in the year to make sure we have plenty of handcrafted snowmen, Santas, reindeer and more for our Sticks fans.

Our handmade decorations are drawn, wood-burned and painted with one-of-a-kind designs. Every sculpture in your collection will be special, no two homes will have quite the same color palette or design on their sculpture.

Decorative reindeer decor

As you, your family and friends prepare to celebrate your unique traditions this holiday season, consider adding a handmade sculpture to your Sticks collection, or share the holiday magic with someone you love – they make great gifts!

Our Roots and Holiday Sculptures are found exclusively at or Sticks Gallery in Des Moines, Iowa.

Shop Roots and Holiday Sculptures 

In the Historic East Village
400 E Locust Street
Des Moines, Iowa 50309
Did you know? Sticks' handmade Nativity Set was our first product in 1992!
Painted nativity set

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