Celebrate Your 5-Year Anniversary | Wooden Gift Ideas

Celebrate Your 5-Year Anniversary | Wooden Gift Ideas

Wooden 5-Year Anniversary Gifts

Celebrate the joyous occasion of your 5th anniversary with a meaningful and traditional wood anniversary gift. Wood, known for its strength and durability, mirrors the strong foundation of a marriage. Here at Sticks, we are thrilled to present to you a collection of handcrafted wooden home accessories and furniture, perfect for commemorating this significant milestone!

Why Choose a Wood 5th Anniversary Gift from Sticks

Sticks has created art and furniture from wood for the past 30+ years. Even today, we often receive phone calls from customers raving about the longevity of the piece they purchased 20+ years ago – some from when they were newly married! We continue to create quality pieces by hand that are made to last as the years go by. Often times, our pieces are the focal point of memories created with loved ones. Dining tables are where math problems were solved and plenty of wine and laughs were had. Entryway mirrors are where some applied their lipstick before date night and kids took one last looks at themselves before heading off to the school dance. Sticks Handmade art and furniture aren't just a physical pieces, they also create memories and stories with time. 

A 5-year wedding anniversary gift is the perfect way to mark an incredibly special accomplishment and celebrate the many years ahead – and because it comes from Sticks, you can be sure it will last through the changings of seasons.

Adding to the symbolism – all of our Sticks Handmade pieces are uniquely crafted by hand. Just like each piece is one-of-a-kind, so is the love shared for one another in a marriage. It's the quality of our products that we are extremely proud of and we hope you share that same pride in your relationship.

Top 5 Wooden Anniversary Gift Ideas

Explore our top picks for a sentimental wooden 5 year anniversary gifts!

{1} Wooden picture frame

Sticks handmade 5x7" frame with floral design

{2} Custom wooden name plaque


{3} Wooden tabletop sculpture

Star Sculpture – "Love Life Together" Table stop shaped sculpture of a couple standing in front of a house. Back viewStar Sculpture – "Love Life Together" Table stop shaped sculpture of a couple standing in front of a house

{4} Wooden wall mirror

{5} Wooden lazy susan

Sticks Handmade 20"D lazy susan with tree of life


{6} Wooden kitchen table

Sticks handmade dining table with lovely four seasons landscape

{7} Wooden wall calendar

How to Make Your Wood Anniversary Gift Extra Special

Your handmade wooden gift is going to be incredibly thoughtful, and there a few ideas to elevate your gift-giving skills!

  • Include a handwritten note – It's a simple gesture that will mean a lot to your spouse. 
  • Pair it with a delicious meal – Plan an evening at your favorite, local restaurant or order a few dishes to try from your favorite take-out place. What's better than eating amazing food with the one you love?!
  • Customize your wood anniversary gift from Sticks – Incorporate their favorite colors into a design you love, add a wedding date or family names, specify dimensions to fit your space. Contact us and we can talk through options to customize your Sticks piece!

No matter the wooden gift you pick for your 5th anniversary, know it's always made by hand with love in Des Moines, Iowa! 

Plan ahead your date, our Sticks Handmade and Sticks Exclusives pieces take 4-6 weeks to make. {Shop Sticks Handmade here!}

If you need a handmade pieces ASAP, check out our ready-to-ship collection. {Shop Available Now here!}

Need help finding a gift or have questions about your order? Call 877-678-4257 or email online@sticks.com! Cheers to 5 years!

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