30 Years: Commemorative Whiskey Barrel

30 Years: Commemorative Whiskey Barrel

Handcrafted and aged like a fine whiskey

We are celebrating our 30-year anniversary in January 2022! As we close in on this milestone, we’re reflecting on our remarkable journey with a monthly video series that showcases our origin story and spotlights the people who have made it possible.



Cheers to 30 years

We wanted to commemorate our 30-year anniversary milestone with something tangible. Because we so often create artwork that tells our customers’ stories, we envisioned partnering with another craftsman to create a product that told our story.

And what better way to tell our story than raising a glass filled with custom-blended whiskey.

Earlier this year, Sticks commissioned a private label barrel of Iowa bourbon with Foundry Distilling Company. We believe our story is much like the story of an American bourbon – from-the-earth American materials, handcrafted attention, creators with a passion, and an end-product that is rich and unique.

While we use drawing, carving, wood-burning, and painting to tell visual stories, distillers use raw ingredients and chemistry to tell stories through the sense of taste and smell. Both artforms are rooted in time-honored traditions that take careful craftsmanship to create one-of-a-kind final products.

Because of their entrepreneurial spirit and Iowa roots, we knew partnering with the team at Foundry Distilling Co. was a perfect fit. Founded in June 2018 by Scott Bush, who also founded Templeton Rye, the world-class distillery strives to innovate in the crowded craft spirits marketplace – offering a Private Barrel program, Brewer-Distiller Alliance, and of course, a range of top-notch spirits from vodka to whiskey available for purchase at the distillery and retailers across Iowa.

Prior to filling our whiskey barrel, the outside was adorned with drawings from our founder Sarah Grant and burned, painted, and finished with help from all of our talented artists in our studio. Around the four bands of wood and the top of the barrel, artwork includes original icons that embody universal values and life lessons. It also includes a timeline representing the events, achievements, and people who have made our 30-year journey possible. 


The customized commemorative barrel is on display at the distillery near Historic Valley Junction in West Des Moines, Iowa. The striking barrel itself is a point of pride for both the Sticks and Foundry Distilling Co. team. It represents friendship, collaboration, and a vision for creating something special. It is also an example of the wide range of mediums and artistic vision – beyond the traditional Sticks style – that our artists can embody for custom projects and unique client visions.

Learn more about Foundry Distilling Co. and the unique Private Barrel program on their website.

Join us in reflecting on 30 years of Sticks.

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  • Alesha Burgraff
Comments 6
  • Marilyn Horn
    Marilyn Horn

    I love your designs n the stories that go with them.

  • Sulay Novoa
    Sulay Novoa

    Well I would like to paint like you…I am trying, but you are amazing!! Everything is beautiful. I love it!!

  • Bev Johnson
    Bev Johnson

    I used to carry Sticks in our store near Park Rapids, MN. It was my favorite product. Although I sold the store several years ago, I own and treasure many Sticks pieces myself Congrats on creating and nurturing a dream business for 30 years!

  • Jacquelyn Swingle
    Jacquelyn Swingle

    Congrats on 30 years of producing beautiful art! I feel honored to have a few pieces and am constantly saving for that next piece. I would love to see you add a 24 or 36” square wall clock. I am hoping to have saved enough by the time you add this option to your website. May you continue to prosper and thrive and bring joy to those lucky enough to cherish a piece of your work!

  • Donna Jean Warlick
    Donna Jean Warlick

    Awesome! I so love to see the Sticks artists at work. Thank you.

  • Sharman Blake
    Sharman Blake

    Congratulations on 30 years! My home is decorated with classy, unique Sticks furniture and Sticks accessories. Some of my favorite gifts that I have received have been the custom made picture frames! We have had customized mirrors and picture frames made by your talented artists for wedding gifts, as well as plaques celebrating the births of each of our six grandchildren! Our dining room table chairs and buffet have been admired by numerous friends and guests! Sticks is by far my favorite store!!!! 😊❤️👏👍

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