Holiday Availability - Shop ASAP! 2

It's the most wonderful time of the year - and our busiest!! 


I don't know about you as consumers, but over here at Sticks we're a little frazzled over Thanksgiving being so late and therefore shortening the holiday shopping season.. Last year's Cyber Monday was November 26th and this year it's December 2nd.. so that means our timeline to make you brand new, handmade goods in time for Christmas is shorter by a whole week!!  Eeeek!😨


So please heed this warning:

-If you need to gift Sticks BEFORE the holidays, SHOP NOW.  Please don't wait for next weekend.

-Purchases of Sticks Handmade made-to-order products that are placed next weekend (Black Friday/Cyber Monday) will be arriving to you RIGHT before Christmas, possibly only beating the big day by a day or two. 


Stay tuned here to for the most current availability of our products arriving in time for Christmas.  We always let you know when we're no longer able to get you new Sticks Handmade in time for Christmas and we'll update you here on our blog as that cutoff date gets closer (likely end of day December the 2nd), and likewise for inventoried Sincerely, Sticks printed goods (likely December 16th).  





We KNOW getting a deal on Cyber Monday is a tempting reason to hold off on your holiday shopping, but if having your Sticks in hand as soon as possible is more of a concern, we can't stress enough how you need to place your order BEFORE the madness of Cyber Monday.  It's plausible orders placed that day could arrive on Christmas Eve when you'd like to be leaving town.  


Please reach out to us with any questions, we're here to help! ❤️

Nakamol Jewelry Event + Holiday Trunk Show 0

Ladies Night Out – Nakamol Jewelry Event

Come join us for a special holiday shopping event, we've got you and your girlfriends in mind! 🛍 Nakamol is sending us a ton of new jewelry for all your holiday needs and we'll be serving up martinis - holla! 💍🍸


• Need something new and sparkly for a holiday party?
• Want to show your partner what to get you?
• Or do you want to pick out something special for a bestie?

We got you girl!! 😘

Nakamol Jewelry + Holiday Trunk Show

Thursday, November 29th

Sticks East Village Gallery


Heavy hors d'oeuvres and a  complimentary martini bar with 3 seasonal drink options will be provided by our on-site mixologist
Bring your girlfriends for a fun night at the Sticks East Village Gallery!
Buy a gift for yourself and a pair of earrings for a friend. This line is beautiful and affordable!


Place Your Sticks Handmade Orders Due for Christmas SOON! 0

It may be the heart of fall right now, I mean hello - Halloween is in two days!!  But here at Sticks Studio we're already looking ahead to Christmas and beyond.





Our studio artists are BUSY creating awesome new handmade art for the orders you've placed already and for our retailers needing stock in time for the craziness to ensue that is holiday shopping.  Our production schedule is bursting at the seams so we're already working overtime and it's only October!!

So PLEASE heed our warning:  We're currently stretching our guaranteed six week delivery time-frame for Sticks Handmade orders to the max. Items being ordered now (end of October, beginning of November) are going to be delivered mid-December. 

We've always been able to guarantee that all Cyber Monday purchases will be delivered on or before Christmas and this is the first year in MANY that we're worried about fulfilling that promise.  I can tell you now a bed or dining set ordered on Cyber Monday or later CANNOT be received by Christmas, but we shouldn't have any issue with smaller items.  We'll have to see how it pans out as time gets closer - this is simply the nature of our handmade work.  We aren't machines. :) 





If you're worried about receiving something in time for Christmas, please place your order sooner rather than later!  We want to get you the Handmade in America art and furniture of your dreams to gift to your loved ones (or yourself, no shame)!!

And we highly recommend keeping tabs on the banner located at the top of every page on our website for more precise timing expectations as Christmas gets closer - we'll keep the most up to date details there!!





Until next time!

-Your Friends at Sticks

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2018 Limited Edition Ornaments Are Here! 0

It's the most wonderful time of the year!♪♫♬


Our ever popular limited edition ornaments are here!  Did you see the announcement on our social media yesterday?  The design has been released, a SUPER CUTE mitten pair, and it's available for sale now!! 




As always they come in two variations - Standard and Custom!

Here is how the Standard design looks:





Our Standard design features the phrase "Let the Holidays Warm Your Heart" on the front side and "2018" on the reverse.  It will be done just as shown in these photos!

 Interested in customizing it so it's more meaningful to you and your loved ones!?  Check out the Custom option below:











Here the Custom design still features the same phrase "Let the Holidays Warm Your Heart" on the front side as well as "2018" on the reverse right side. 


With this Custom option however, you can add a family name or word of your choosing to the reverse left side like the example shows!  Just make sure it's only 10 characters long MAX, not counting 2018 since that's standard (our wood burners can only write so small).






These are a Sticks Exclusive, meaning they can only be found here on as well as in our Sticks Gallery

To order online, simply follow this link directly to the item here!
*Please note online they are made to order and will take three to six weeks to arrive.

To order from our Sticks Gallery in the East Village of Des Moines, you can pop into their store at 400 E Locust (storefront faces E 4th St) or give them a call at (515)282-0844!
*Sticks Gallery will have the standard design ornaments in stock ready to take home the same day, but feel free to call ahead to check their inventory.  Custom orders are made to order and will take three to six weeks to complete.


Do you have a growing collection of our limited edition ornaments?  Send a photo to - we'd LOVE to see them!

Shop our 2018 mitten ornament today!

Sweet NEW Sincerely, Sticks Holiday Ornaments Are Here 0

All new Sincerely, Sticks Holiday ornaments are hot off the press!




How cute are our new Sincerely, Sticks Christmas ornaments??!  These are exclusive to Sticks Gallery and, and are available individually OR if you purchase them as a set you can save a little!  These ornaments differ from the tree ornaments last year not only in shape but also in that they're on wood this go around instead of PVC.  So they're truer to our roots and just cuter overall!





Sprinkle them on your Christmas tree - the graphic art will be a nice compliment to your traditional solid colored ornaments - or even just about your home on handles, above windows, or almost anywhere!

Shop these little cuties here today!

6 Beautiful Gifts that Serve a Purpose 0

One of the most stressful parts of the holiday season is trying to find the perfect gifts for all of your loved ones. Growing up I remember opening gifts at my family Christmas gatherings from distant relatives and thinking to myself, "what the heck am I ever going to do with this?!" From that day on I made it a point to make sure I was giving gifts that people would want to use. Some of my favorite gifts have been those that I am able to use on a daily basis. One year for my birthday my mom gave me an electric toothbrush. At the time I was disappointed with the lack of excitement I got when I opened the gift. However, it turned out to be one of my favorite gifts because it is something I use daily!

There are so many wonderful gifts out there that it can be overwhelming trying to find the best products to buy for the holidays. Here are six wonderful gift ideas that are sure to serve a purpose. The best part... Products from these designer lines can all be found at the Sticks Gallery in the East Village. Making Sticks your one-stop shop for the holidays!


1. Adorable magnet sculptures from Prairie Dance that can be personalized by attaching and displaying your favorite photo memories. 

2. Wild cherry utensils by Jonathan's Spoons, beautifully unique and crafted to be useful in your daily life. 


3. A festive holiday tray from Sticks to display all of your holiday cookies in style!

4. Custome cutting boards from Maple Leaf to carve your holiday meats in style.

5. Pure soy candles from 1803 Candles to flood your home with sweet smells this holiday season.

6. Catstudio state glasses and tea towels to honor your favorite vacations and home sweet home.

Leave a comment below with some of your favorite holiday gift ideas! :)