Place Your Sticks Handmade Orders Due for Christmas SOON!


It may be the heart of fall right now, I mean hello - Halloween is in two days!!  But here at Sticks Studio we're already looking ahead to Christmas and beyond.





Our studio artists are BUSY creating awesome new handmade art for the orders you've placed already and for our retailers needing stock in time for the craziness to ensue that is holiday shopping.  Our production schedule is bursting at the seams so we're already working overtime and it's only October!!

So PLEASE heed our warning:  We're currently stretching our guaranteed six week delivery time-frame for Sticks Handmade orders to the max. Items being ordered now (end of October, beginning of November) are going to be delivered mid-December. 

We've always been able to guarantee that all Cyber Monday purchases will be delivered on or before Christmas and this is the first year in MANY that we're worried about fulfilling that promise.  I can tell you now a bed or dining set ordered on Cyber Monday or later CANNOT be received by Christmas, but we shouldn't have any issue with smaller items.  We'll have to see how it pans out as time gets closer - this is simply the nature of our handmade work.  We aren't machines. :) 





If you're worried about receiving something in time for Christmas, please place your order sooner rather than later!  We want to get you the Handmade in America art and furniture of your dreams to gift to your loved ones (or yourself, no shame)!!

And we highly recommend keeping tabs on the banner located at the top of every page on our website for more precise timing expectations as Christmas gets closer - we'll keep the most up to date details there!!





Until next time!

-Your Friends at Sticks

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  • Lisa Stark
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