Over 40+ New Handmade Sticks Products Available To Shop Now!


Hello Sticks friends, we've been hard at work creating new pieces we hope you enjoy shopping!





Have you been wishing and waiting to buy handmade Sticks but have yet to have a design speak to you?  This may be the new collection that does it!  We've added well over 40 pieces of new artwork to our online shopping catalog, both functional furniture and smaller accessory pieces.  We essentially FLIPPED the New Arrivals section!






 We've given best-selling designs and palettes a creative interpretation with you in mind.  Our team of designers invests a lot of time reviewing our archive of work and combining that with ordering trends to create ever evolving interpretations of the Sticks aesthetic.  We are very excited about this collection and hope that some of the pieces may find themselves with you!


Here is a sampling of a few of our favorite new pieces that could be yours in a few short weeks once have time to create them by hand, just for you!


Show-Stopping Furniture


These furniture pieces will make a statement without being obnoxious, we promise!  We can just imagine the Friedrich's Chair below sitting next to your neutral-colored couch for the perfect comfy AND colorful reading spot.  It's not only a great seat for you and visiting loved ones that won't be able to stop talking about it, but it also doubles as art - two birds, one stone!








Accent Artworks

Sticks Handmade accessories make the perfect funky compliments to your home's decor -

  • Hang a perpetual calendar in your kitchen, the hub of your home, to keep tabs on your family's whereabouts through the week
  • Hang a mirror in your entry way above a sofa table or bench
  • Set a small plaque on your fireplace among family photos for a burst of graphic art and color
And those ideas are just the beginning, the possibilities of ways to accent your home with Sticks are endless!




    Thank you for your continued support for Handmade in America! 

    Click here to shop our newest handmade arrivals!

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